Remember who your audience is – Advice 9 0f 16

From the pages of Computer Arts Magazine, David Carson gives us the Advice “Remember who your audience is.” It’s from this that I write about how important knowing who you design audience is… “As long as you look for the solution in what you are working on and not some predetermined formula or system, you will never runs of of ideas. You have to determine who the audience is and what the message you want to portray through... Read More

Why do we create?

We create to inform. We create to share. We create to express. We create to fail. We create to make a difference. We create to learn. We create to inspire. We create because we can. Be it illustrators, artists, designers, architects or musicians. Why do we create? Why are we creative individuals?  It is not because we blend typography and imagery. It is not because of the mastery of our brush strokes or that perfect note. It is not because we see... Read More

Twewsday #6

I know that it has been a while since the last Twewsday post. I have been focusing on New ideas, Slight reDesigns of the Issues section of this Blog & working on the latest issues of of the VS Project. Yes, I have been busy. So sorry that my initial Twewsday feature has been unfortunately ignored. — I will be revamping the idea of the section, into what, i am not sure yet. But until then, I will showcase featured tweets from past weeks shared... Read More

Bad Behavior has blocked 120 access attempts in the last 7 days.

Bad Behavior has blocked 120 access attempts in the last 7 days.